Many indigenous peoples worldwide preserved meat by slicing it into strips, curing it, and then hanging it up to dry for many months. Seafarers used to preserve meat for lengthy voyages, similar to now.Antimicrobial properties of various spices have also contributed to the popularity of biltong, which has been around since ancient times. When spices such as coriander, cloves, and peppers are ingested, they have been demonstrated to destroy various germs. Jerky and biltong are being marketed all over the globe as part of the international biltong movement.

A flavourful snack that is healthy

Most firms that create fantastic things would be scared of disclosing their manufacturing technique to the public for fear that someone else may steal the technology and use it for their purposes. The people at Jim’s Jerky are trustworthy and understand that your internet is just educational – it’s not every day that you hear about Jerky and what it is, so they want to share with you precisely what goes on behind the scenes to provide you these fantastic items! When you start chewing, the meat will rehydrate and rapidly take on the texture and taste of conventional beef, but with a slightly different flavor depending on the marinade used during the earlier stages of preparation.

standard carb-heavy snacks

Biltong is usually softer, somewhat more flavorful, and typically contains more fat than Jerky. Jerky is typically produced from leaner cuts of beef, which results in a greater protein level and makes it drier and smokier.Many individuals mistakenly believe that biltong and Jerky are the same things. This is because they seem to be quite similar at first glance. However, as you will soon discover, one of the few things these two meat nibbles have in common is their physical look.

Meat nibbles made from delicious Australian beef. Biltong is a kind of dehydrated and dried meat that originated in Southern Africa and is softer and moister than usual Jerky. At Jim’s Jerky, they employ the same processing as the original Aussie Steak, with no superfluous additives and no alterations to the original greatness of the famous Aussie Steak. The result is a succulent, tantalizing beef nibble that you will find yourself unable to stop eating! But also everything else.


Jim’s Jerky offers two different methods to acquire biltong: either as a stick or thinly sliced using our custom-made biltong shredder, depending on your preference. The most traditional method of obtaining biltong is using a stick – although it may be difficult to eat! You’ll need a sharp knife and much patience for this project. Sliced is unquestionably more convenient to eat. But be cautious, or your supply may be depleted before you realize it.