A butcher is someone who slaughters animals, dresses their flesh, sells their meat, or does any variety of these things. Standardized cuts of meat and poultry may be prepared for distribution in retail or wholesale food outlets. A butcher might work for supermarkets, food outlets, butcher shops, fish markets, slaughterhouses, or as an independent contractor.

Butchers sell their products at specialty shops known as butcher shops, butcheries, or butcher’s shops. Although butchers in butcher shops may undertake primary butchery, they are more likely to perform secondary butchery to prepare fresh pieces of meat for sale. These stores may also offer related items like charcuterie, hot cuisine made with their meat, culinary preparation materials, baked goods, and groceries. Butcher shops can offer a broader range of animal species, meat cuts, and cut quality. Furthermore, butcher shops may specialize in a specific culture or nationality of meat production.

Online butcher shop and Covid-19:

The Covid-induced lockdown caused a spike in the online grocery segment, which has had a favourable impact on the online meat delivery business as well. There were a few online meat delivery firms in the broader meat sector, which is mostly unorganized. According to a study, the online meat delivery sector was able to record 2.5-3 times the gross merchandise value during the period January-September 2020 due to the lockout. Online meat sales have also increased in prepared or ready-to-consumer products since consumers choose to eat at home rather than go out. Online meat retailers predicted a 10-15 percent increase in average income per user in 2021, as well as a 10-15 percent increase in client retention.

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Deep research in Singapore:

Due to the rise in people being more sceptical about what they consume, the need for a safe and clean outlet is a necessity. One can look up them by simply searching for e-commerce butcher shop Singapore. Down below are some of the most revered butcher shops delivering meat purchased online:

  • Huber’s Butchery in Dempsey has over 100 varieties of chilled and cured meats, including award-winning brands like Stockyard, First Light, Devodier, and Juan Pedro Domecq, which are only available at Huber’s Butchery.
  • Little Farms sells grass-fed spotless meat cuts online as well as at their grocers across the island. From grass-fed beef raised ethically to never-frozen free-range chicken.
  • The Fishwives offers premium ecologically and ethically produced or farmed meat with an emphasis on animal protection and environmental protection, in addition to high-quality seafood.


With more and more people buying almost everything online, the rise in online meat shops is a given. Due to the ease and good services offered by the businesses, they can only go up with time.