Benefits of event spaces

Benefits of event spaces

Organizing a party in an exclusive location has several advantages:


Organizing your Birthday Party in an exclusive location allows you to take advantage of all the spaces available . You can celebrate in total freedom and you don’t have to celebrate with strangers at the next table. Visit

Having different spaces available also allows you to make your birthday party more dynamic, interactive and fun! You can structure the event in several phases and in different spaces. In this way the guest is not forced to spend all the time sitting in a chair always in the same room risking getting bored!


Having an exclusive location for the birthday party means having the opportunity to organize a themed party . It means having a space that you can embellish in total freedom.


This aspect should not be underestimated! Often celebrating in a restaurant with many other strangers does not give you the opportunity to experience the event in total freedom. No music and no dancing! You are forced to move the party somewhere else and then risk losing friends on the street.


Organizing your birthday party in an exclusive location allows you to experience the entire event in one place. It allows you to have fun and entertain your guests with music and dancing!


Celebrating in an exclusive location allows you to take advantage of the structure more than a restaurant that has its own well-defined service range! And these are all the reasons that led us explain an exclusive location to celebrate one’s eighteenth or the decades of one’s life!

You have full freedom of expression and movement. Different collected spaces, all for you, to experience a dynamic, intimate, fun birthday party to remember forever!

A place of relaxation surrounded by nature on the outskirts,  where only you and your guests are the protagonists!

Celebrate beautiful occasions in a unique setting! Birthdays or weddings, baptisms or graduation parties, corporate anniversaries, Christmas celebrations or business meetings: private and corporate events. Whether it’s a small event or a party in style – with fine cuisine, expert advice and our all-round service, your party in Innsbruck will be as successful as you wish.

The result is a larger, airy and above all bright environment because it allows us to enjoy natural light more, especially if we are in a room with large windows. All this also allows significant energy savings in terms of lighting and heating.

This solution is perfectly suited to a modern and hectic lifestyle , thanks to multifunctional spaces that are easily adaptable and modifiable according to various needs. Consequently guaranteeing a better livability and usability of the environments.

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