An industrial kitchen is a large mechanized catering establishment that produces food for mass consumption. Typical commercial kitchens are hospital kitchens, commercial kitchens for conferences and weddings, prisons, or other institutional kitchens. The common denominator of all commercial kitchens is that they prepare food around the clock, and in some cases, the kitchen is open 24 hours a day.

The industrial style kitchen has become a fantastic trend in recent years. It has been backed by the appliance industry, with manufacturers releasing “professional” appliances with the features and looks you would expect to find in commercial kitchens. However, many homeowners are still confused about industrial kitchen design ideas. So here you are going to look at the key elements.

See the inner work

While you usually hide items in your kitchen, industrial kitchen design tends to showcase the inner workings of a room. If you don’t want to go to industrial-style design, you can opt for open shelves, cutlery rails on aprons, and Bowser-style faucets. You can leave vents for the range hood and air conditioner, lighting fixtures, and exposed pipes.

industrial kitchen design

Reuse and reuse

Another important element of industrial kitchen design is the repurposing and repurposing of old items. You can use reclaimed wood, antiques, and even recycled furniture to add character and authenticity to your plan. It is a great way to add personality to your design by using storage baskets, glass cutlery jars, and other items designed for a unique look. So be sure to keep an eye out for garage sales or antique fairs in your area to find accessories that inspire you.

Aged surfaces

Rustic wide hardwood floors and concrete are great flooring choices for an industrial style kitchen as they are practical surfaces used in a factory or warehouse. You can polish old concrete to look more attractive, but remember that concrete can be hard and cold on your feet. If you prefer a warmer feel, you can opt for a floating floor that looks aged and adds texture to your aesthetic. If you are completely renovating, you may want to consider leaving a few exposed bricks.

Pendant lighting

You need to think about your lighting. Industrial-style kitchens often feature pendant lighting. If you have a large room with a high ceiling, you can use heavy industrial lighting, using more discreet pendant lights in smaller spaces. You can also add more style with wood, glass, chrome, copper, or steel accessories. If your room isn’t bright enough, you can complement your pendant lighting with spotlights or under-cabinet lighting.