Who can say no to plates of seafood? Perhaps, many people choose to have seafood over meat. For them, it is more nutritious and has rare tastes that the taste buds keep craving. As a seafood lover, which one is your favorite?

Many would vote to have lobsters on their table. But, not all lobsters are best-served on the table. You can only call it the best when it is fresh and cooked well. To prepare good food to eat, buy live lobsters. Don’t go for those cooked ones, chances like you are buying double dead seafood.

How to order

Now, if you hear about fresh and live seafood suppliers, you would be interested in the name of the fish supplier. Well, enjoy your fresh and live seafood every Friday. All the types of seafood are freshly offered to all buyers. Whether you are buying commercial or residential seafood stock, you can have it here.

Asking how to order? Simply visit the seafood Friday and add to the cart your desired seafood to buy. Enjoy bigger discounted prices this season. The end of the summer season doesn’t mean the end of seafood supplies. Since people are usually going to the beach and have this seafood prepared during summer, you would come across the thinking that it is the end of the seafood supply.

You are very wrong about this concept. Always keep in mind that seafood is always available and will never be affected by the season. Season changes but the supply of this expensive food never ends.

fish supplier

Discounted prices

Enjoy the discounted prices of lobsters, prawns, shrimp, and fish. All these are offered at lower prices and are freshly delivered to the market. If you don’t want to go to the market, better to choose a seafood delivery. Order the seafood you like and wait for the delivery within the day.

Yes, you still have time to prepare your recipe because they still prepare your order and deliver it door to door.

Avail seafood package

Who says ordering online is boring? Did you know that ordering seafood also comes in a package deal? What are these seafood package deals available:

  • Seafood extended BBQ package (7-10 pax)
  • Seafood BBQ package (6 pax)

The selections of farmed and wild-caught shrimps and prawns assure you that all are quality seafood from the sea. Yes, all these are freshly caught from the sea, which ensures that the seafood has the flavor of freshness and is not stocked with seafood supply.