With the ongoing pandemic, many people are hindered from going out to visit their favorite restaurants. In the end, these people choose to prepare food at home. Good for those who know how to cook and love cooking, not busy people. But, those who have no time to cook for themselves and their family choose to order food delivery services.

The industrial kitchen is a fully-equipped prepared kitchen rented out for shared use. It is also called a commercial kitchen, culinary kitchen, shared kitchen, community kitchen, kitchen incubator, food innovation center, food hub, and accelerator.

Types of industrial kitchens

There are commonly used industrial kitchens:

  • Assembly line
  • Island
  • Zone-style
  • Gallery
  • Open kitchen

Each kitchen has unique benefits that depend on the restaurant style you want to open, the type of food you are cooking, and the amount of space your building allows for the kitchen space. The konsep cloud kitchen is a unique kitchen style that is accessible online by the customers to ask for an order of food and beverages.

What is the kitchen all about?

The industrial kitchen is today’s most trending online version of the physical restaurant where customers can order food to eat. But, the cooking is made by the chef and to be delivered to your doors. Customers who are into online food orders may choose to have this style of restaurant.

konsep cloud kitchen

Ideal starting restaurant business

Who are those fresh graduate chefs out there? It is good to hear that your opportunity to serve the public is here now. There is no need for you to apply in a big hotel and restaurant as their chef. But, you can be the chef of your own restaurant online.

Start to cook for your customers and let them know how skillful you are in cooking while serving their ordered food with a twist. There is no rule in cooking. As long as the safe is safe to eat and fits the customers’ taste buds, serve your specialty now.

How does your food reach customers?

Customers can have their orders delivered to them. The foods are delivered safely and will arrive without delay. Customers should make their orders ahead of time they plan to eat, such as for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Save your day with this great offer of a commercial restaurant, be the chef of your own kitchen now. Invest in industrial kitchens now and style your own cooking area.