Durian Recipes And Best Durian Delivery Singapore

Durian Recipes And Best Durian Delivery Singapore

A unique looking fruit that tastes custard and has a flavour bar none. However, its extremely smelly and generally unlikeable, the story of the humble durian is one filled with contradictions, where it tastes great and is filled with health benefits that would make it the ideal fruit, its intimidating appearance and unwelcoming smell are the factors that would generally avert a person from eating it. But not anymore, no more do you have to deprive yourself of the excellent flavour and taste of this amazing fruit! Join us as we elaborate on how you can make durian less smelly, amazing durian recipes to try at home, and the best durian delivery Singapore

What is it?

Durian is a fruit most commonly found in Southeast Asian countries, and it is a part of the durea family that is linked to at the very least 9 other edible fruit found in the region. The fruit is a natural green in appearance. It is studded with a spike-like outer layering. If you cut open the shell, inside, you will find contents of a custardy consistency and are coloured a very pleasant shade of yellow; however, keep in mind it is extremely smelly.

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Methods of removing the smell of the durian

There are quite a few ways in which you can eliminate the smell of durian from your hands and the fridge –

– Wash your hands with durian seeds

– Use an airtight vessel for storage

– Place a bag of charcoal in the fridge

– Pour baking soda into a bowl

– Place lemon wedges at different points in the fridge

– Deodorise with coffee grounds or used tea bags

– Drink from the husk of durian

– Rinse with a mouthwash of lemon

Durian recipes 

Durian is often referred to as the king of fruits, and it’s not in vain. With an expansive repertoire of amazing dishes that you can cook with it such as –

– Durian puree cheesecake

– Durian ice cream dessert

– Durian cream pancakes

– Durian ice cream

– Chicken and durian curry

– Durian butter cake

– Durian cake

What’re you waiting for? Search for the best durian delivery Singapore and bless yourself with the joy of eating this highly nutritious, tasty, and sumptuous fruit that gives you all the nutrients you need and fulfils the taste quota like none other.

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